How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Missouri

An ultrasound technician is one who operates ultrasound equipment to assess and to help physicians and other healthcare professionals monitor or diagnose medical conditions.

Steps for becoming an Ultrasound Technician

  • Locate an accredited school
  • Complete your degree
  • Successfully pass the ARDMS exam
  • Apply for and obtain a job

Length of Ultrasound Training
Time varies upon the program chosen. A two year associate’s degree depends on the prerequisites that have been completed. A bachelor’s degree usually can be completed within 4 years. Also, one year certificates are available for people who have previous healthcare experience and education.

Academic Preparation for Ultrasound Training
As part of educational preparation for ultrasound technician training, math, science, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, computer technology, physics, and psychology will help prepare the student for the educational programs that support academic success.

Training for Ultrasound Technician
A prospective ultrasound technician in the state of Missouri has various opportunities to receive training through programs at the Certificate, Associates or Baccalaureate degree levels. An important recommendation is that the school chosen should be accredited by CAAHEP and then the technician should sit for the ARDMS or the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography exam. Successful registration proves to employers that the sonographer has the appropriate capabilities, knowledge, skills and clinical training.

Missouri requires that the ultrasound technicians keep their certification current by taking continuing education classes.

Missouri Certification for an Ultrasound Technician
For certification within the state of Missouri, the technician must pass both a background check and drug test. The state recognizes the credential of the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography exam. The only way that the applicant can obtain this certification is through the test. The ARDMS documents the standardized professional achievements of the applicant through the examination process.

Salary for Ultrasound Technician
Across the state of Missouri, salaries depend upon the amount of training, the experience of the sonographer and the city location of the health institution. According to an Ultrasound Technician earns approximately $66, 580 for a median salary, the low salary range is $55, 696 or below and a high range is above $79, 199.

Common Tasks for Ultrasound Technician

  • Performs diagnostic sonographic examinations using ultrasonic equipment
  • Schedules, organizes and records tests results
  • Acquires and records correct patient history including prior test results
  • Prepares patient for exam by describing the procedure, shifting the patient to ultrasound table, cleansing skin, applying gel and positioning patient properly
  • Scrutinizes screen during scan to confirm that image produced is satisfactory for diagnostic purposes and adjusts the equipment as needed
  • Provides a summary of findings for use in medical diagnosis
  • Calibrates and cares for sonographic equipment
  • Prepares and maintains operational logs

Ultrasound and its Bright Future
A diagnostic medical sonographer plays an important role in medicine today. Seeing inside the body is paramount for successful diagnostic and treatment plans. The technologist has dual responsibilities of locating the medical information needed and dealing with the patient as they do so. This is a valued rewarding occupation that allows employment within hospitals, imaging clinics, surgical centers, obstetricians, gynecologists and specialists offices.