How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Florida

Ultrasound Technicians play a vital role in patient care, and there is no better time to begin an exciting career as an Ultrasound Technician in Florida. If you are interested in becoming an Ultrasound Technician, you’ll need to acquire the necessary skills.


While formal education is not absolutely necessary if you are trained on-site, most entry-level Ultrasound Technicians in Florida attend a formal training program. In Florida, there are several CAAHEP-accredited training options available. At twenty programs across the state, there are certificate programs as well as Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs. These programs can be completed in as little as one year, depending on the program of choice and any applicable transfer credits.


The state of Florida does not require Ultrasound Technicians to hold a license or certificate. Instead, there are three major certifying bodies that offer Ultrasound Technology certificates. These certificates, in combination with an Ultrasound Technician degree, can lead to a very successful career.

The first and most common certificate is from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). This certificate is gained through an examination that can be taken after graduation from an accredited program, or after confirmation of earned hours at a non-accredited facility has been made. Once you’ve earned your certificate from ARDMS, you will be required to earn at least thirty CME (continuing medical education) units every three years. If you choose, you can opt to take an additional exam to waive the CME requirement.

The second Ultrasound Technician certificate is from CCI, or Cardiovascular Credentialing International. Credentials are available for Ultrasound Technicians specializing mainly in cardiovascular ultrasound and is available upon receiving a passing grade on the offered exam. To keep this certificate current, you will need to obtain at least thirty-six CME units for Registry Level Registrants or sixteen CME units for Certified Level Registrants every three years.

The third major certifying body for Ultrasound Technicians is ARRT, or The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Requirements to receive this certificate include graduation of an accredited program or proving non-accredited hours, in addition to passing the ARRT’s exam. Once you’ve received your certificate from ARRT, you’ll need to keep it current by acquiring at least twenty-four approved CME units or passing an additional exam each year.

Job Description

Ultrasound Technicians in Florida possess a very unique set of skills. These include verifying patient data and medical history, consulting with other medical professionals, following HIPAA rules, completing important paperwork after the ultrasound is completed, and physically positioning patients as needed to obtain the ultrasound. Ultrasound technicians also are trained on how to property utilize and maintain ultrasound equipment, analyze findings, administer contrast through an IV when necessary, and identify the need for further diagnostic testing.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Florida as the second largest state for Ultrasound Technician employment in the United States. Within the state of Florida, Ultrasound Technicians are ranked as the ninth fastest growing career field. Ultrasound Technicians in Florida make an average annual salary of $58,760.

If you have ever considered becoming a member of the healthcare field, now is a great time to become an Ultrasound Technician in Florida. With many options for acquiring education and certificates, as well as great career outlook, this is a field that will reward you in many ways.