How To Become a Yoga Instructor

Before you can teach yoga classes, you must have one thing, and that is this. You must pass a yoga instruction certification course. There are numerous benefits to being a yoga instructor, and these benefits are many. Some of these very real benefits do include much higher pay, a much better understanding and insight into yoga positions, and knowledge on just how to take care of your students as they should be taken care of overall.

There are numerous yoga certification companies out there to choose from to get your yoga instruction certification done. They requirements for this specific certification will vary from state to state and aren’t the same at all. Don’t try to do any form of registering for certification until you have checked out your particular state’s requirements for becoming a yoga instructor. Some of the states that do have much stricter requirements for yoga instructor certifications do include Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Virginia for example. There are other states as well. Some of these other states do include Idaho, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New York.

Before you decide to become a yoga instructor, you did need to ask yourself some key questions, and the reason for these questions is abundantly clear. Yoga instructors can make very good money per hour or per sessions. However, your primary motivation shouldn’t be about how much money you can make, and the focus should be more on your love for teaching yoga and love of yoga in general. There is no better motivation to become a yoga instructor than that. Because to be honest, a yoga instructor should love what they do and they do it because of the genuine affinity for yoga. Yoga instructors can make very good money per hour for their teaching. They can earn anywhere from $35 for each class with some yoga instructors making far more for exclusive or university centers. The rate per session here can go as high as $80 for yoga instructors for their teaching time. Private sessions can yield as much as $50 to $150 for 60 to 90-minute lessons.

How To Become a Yoga Instructor


You should never start out your path to yoga instructor certification, at least not until, you have asked yourself why you do want to be an instructor. You should definitely pursue your yoga instructor goals if you have a true love and appreciation for what yoga is in essence. You also want to share it with others. These are all great indications of what does make a fine yoga instructor. The primary motivation should be love and desire to teach yoga to as many people as possible. These are necessities for being a yoga instructor that will be committed to his or her instruction and to making sure that their students are taught in the very best manner. You will also be someone who feels totally calm and comfortable in front of a group of people. You also know how to manage your time wisely and are extremely punctual. You are also someone who is described as being creative. You have the know how to market yourself and your classes in the best way possible.

One of the most recognized of all yoga certification companies is no other than the Yoga Alliance. It is a 200-hour training course on yoga instruction that is taught by a master yoga instructor. In the Yoga Alliance certification program, do expect to learn tons of things, and some of these things do include various yoga postures, yoga philosophy, chakras, which are the energy of the body, prana, which is the breath, and anatomy and physiology. There are lots of other yoga instruction certification programs out there. However, not all of them may be recognized as being approved by the Yoga Alliance’s national registry that does contain certified yoga instructors.

Once you have chosen your specific certification yoga-wise, you will be able to go to the next level, and this level is all about defining what your specific style is as a yoga instructor. Yoga is something that goes far beyond just being physical postures. There are many branches do exist beyond the physical postures. You need to seek out your particular branch and adhere to it wholeheartedly from a teaching aspect. A lot of yoga fitness instructors do tend to move towards Hatha yoga. The Hatha yoga style does focus on yoga postures as being forms of personal exercise for individuals.