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How To Become a Wedding Planner

Whether it is because of the movie or some other reason, almost everyone wants to be a wedding planner. It is just one of those careers that are so attractive. It seems exciting and fun too. Being a wedding planner, like other jobs, is without a doubt hectic, but it comes with many perks which make it worthwhile.

There are some people who like crash weddings and even some people who help out people get married such as a wedding ringer and so on, but the main and most common job in this arena is the wedding planner.

If you go the latter route which is the steadiest and compared to a wedding crasher, an actual profession, you help couples have the wedding of their dreams. This means you have to plan and organize the wedding from start to finish. If you like meeting new people and organizing things, becoming a wedding planner could be the perfect career path for you.

To become a wedding planner, it is important to have amazing communication skills and the ability to get along with all kinds of people. This essentially means that you have to be social and a people person. Having profound problem-solving skills is also vital in this profession. You should also have the ability to be calm under pressure, as the job will definitely come with high pressure moments that require you to continue to work without panicking or getting stressed.

There are no set qualifications for you to become a wedding planner. Many people work in hospitality, events, and catering before they move to wedding planning. No matter what your background is, you will find it useful to gain relevant experience before you start your own wedding planning business.

How To Become a Wedding Planner


As a profession, wedding planning does not come with set entry route. Most wedding planners started their career by planning their own wedding, or a friend or family member’s. You can become a wedding planner after gaining relevant experience and skills from other jobs, including:

  • Event management
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Project management

Another way into the world of wedding planning could be to start as an assistant or administrator in an event management or wedding planning company. As your experience grows, you can progress to organizing events. With some experience from event management, you can also apply as an in-house wedding coordinator in wedding venues.

Acquiring qualifications in a related field such as hospitality management or event organizing may help you in gaining relevant skills. These qualifications can include:

  • Level 2 Certificate or Award in Event Planning
  • Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Event Management

Taking a short course in wedding planning can prove useful as well. You will find these courses offered by a number of training providers. Make sure that you check courses carefully so that you pick one that suits your needs perfectly.

You can also gain experience by working for a wedding planner in your city. This can be beneficial as it will help you gain a better understanding of the industry and get an idea of what it might be like to run your own wedding planning company. It is important to make sure that you conduct thorough research on every individual or company and customize your approach to them. It is a profound idea to make your approach more personal as it could improve your chances of being offered shadowing opportunities or work experience.

Another judicious way to gain experience is to volunteer to organize various events like fashion shows, charity balls, and fun days for local charities. This also gives you the evidence you can show to potential clients or employers and helps you build a reputation in the area you live.

Many wedding planners also develop a blog or website as a tool for promoting their business and showcasing their work, style, and personality.

Training and Development

Your skills will develop on the job as your experience grows.

Many couples have their wedding during May to September. You can use the rest of the year to update and increase your skills by attending workshops and completing the courses. Attending seminars or online webinars is a great way to increase your network of contacts.

There are many training organizations that offer short courses. These courses cover areas such as:

  • Running a business
  • Budgeting and Pricing
  • PR, marketing and advertising
  • Negotiation skills
  • Laws on marriage and civil partnerships
  • Design and themes
  • Wedding customs and etiquette

If you want to become a wedding planner, you should keep in mind that there are countless opportunities out there. Weddings will always be around so wedding planning is a service that will always be required. You just need to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition and make sure that you update your skills and keep up with the latest trends and styles in weddings.

Wedding planning is a profession that pays well too, so it is a decent career choice for anyone who has the ability to deal with people who come with all sorts of personalities and expectations. Obtain the experience and acumen you need and you can be on your way towards a successful career as a wedding planner.