How to Become A Registered Nurse

Nursing is a popular field that is in high demand and can be a very rewarding career. Employment for nurses is going to increase by %19 in the next few years. Registered Nurses also called RNs will be needed to care for individuals and will need to use the new advanced technologies in the nursing field. Being a registered nurse can make a big difference in your community. The process of becoming a registered nurse takes a lot of work and some education and qualifications. If you want to work as a registered nurse, this information will help you get started.


What Is A Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse is a health professional who takes care of patients on a routine basis they are most likely the first face people see when seeking medical attention. There are a lot of responsibilities of a registered nurse such as:

• Gives appropriate medications and doses to patients
• Updates patients charts
• Assist the physician through various medical procedures
• Manages and creates treatment plans

How to Become A Registered Nurse

The Skills That You Need To Become A Registered Nurse.

When thinking about becoming a registered nurse, you should evaluate whether or not you have some of the skills such as:
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Compassion
• Organized and detailed oriented
• Stamina
• Critical thinking
Being a registered nurse is not just about having a knowledge of medicine and being someone that does not get nervous easily when it comes to treating injuries. A registered nurse has to have these skills to be successful. If being a registered nurse is something you are interested in you would need to know how to become a registered nurse.

How to Become A Registered Nurse

The first step in becoming a registered nurse is getting a high school diploma. Sometimes even a GED is acceptable. After you obtain your high school diploma, it is time to move on to a state accredited nursing school. There are different degrees that you can choose from when it comes to registered nursing such as:

• Associates Degree in Nursing
• Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing
• Degree from an accredited nursing school

An Associates Degree is two years of college, and a Bachelors degree is four years of college. If you want an associates degree, you can look at your local community colleges. These classes at your local community college can get you prepared to take the registered nurse exam. The bachelor’s of science classes can help you advance into administrative and leadership positions.

It is important to make sure your school is accredited for nursing. You want to be sure that you receive the right training. Most nurses will train and spend time in a clinical rotation such as adult, pediatrics or community help. You will experience hands-on training in a clinical facility.

Getting a Registered Nurse License

To become a registered nurse, you must have a nursing license. You have to take and pass the National Council Licensure Exam once you have graduated from your accredited nursing school. Taking the exam shows that you meet the necessary requirements for being a registered nurse. A $200 registration fee is mandatory when you take the exam. Once you register, it takes a few days until you can take the exam. Getting a registered nursing license is very important for your career.

Decide What You Want To Do

Once you graduate and take all of your tests, you have to decide what type of registered nurse you want to be. There are plenty of fields for nurses such as pediatrics, OB/GYN, surgery, rehabilitation, emergency, and community health. During your time at an accredited nursing school you probably already had an idea of what field you want to go into.

Being a registered nurse can change people’s lives. You would work every day doing something you love, and you would be helping your community. There are over two million nurses in the United States, and nursing is the largest field. There are many places you can work as a nurse, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, Senior homes, and schools. Take that first step by enrolling in nursing school and see if being a registered nurse is the right occupation for you.