How To Become a Physical Therapist

Nowadays it is important to go to school for something. You may be just starting out fresh out of high school. You could have a family and would need to go back to school to support them so you can get a better job. Whatever your case may be, there are tips to help you find that perfect career. Physical therapy could be something you have always wanted to do but have not had the chance. You may be wanting to know how you get from thinking about becoming a physical therapist to actually doing it.

how to become a physical therapist

The first step is to go to school. You would need to complete all the necessary courses it would take to get that degree at the end. By becoming a physical therapist is all about knowing the body and parts of the body. You may have to take some English and science classes. Math classes may also play a big part in this part of your education. These classes would be part of your general education course meaning you have to pass these courses in order for you to graduate. During these first four years, you may be able to take your classes online so you can have a flexible schedule.

Another important step is to go back to school. You may do a double take when you get to this step, but it is true. In order to become a physical therapist, you should be completing at least eight years of school. That may seem like a lot, but it will fly by. During the next four years, you will be completing the rest of your classes. The rest of your classes are very important because it gets more into the physical therapy side of things. You may have been able to take classes online in the first four years. These next four years you will be doing some work at a hospital or at a therapist office. You will work with a physical therapist so they can show you the job and what you would be doing.

Not only will you be working with a therapist, but you will also be going to school to take the rest of your classes before you graduate. Other classes may be anatomy, physics, and statistics. Learning the bones and muscles is an important part of becoming a physical therapist. Physics and statistics are higher levels of science and math. You would be working harder and learning a lot when you go back to school.

The third step is to take an exam once you have graduated from your four-year school and again from your graduate school. This exam will help you get your license so you can get a job as a therapist. The exam will take you through your eight years of schooling in one test. The questions may be tough because they will make things harder for you so they can see if you really know the material and not just memorizing things from previous tests or sentences from your school books. You may find out the same day or a few weeks after you have taken the exam to find out if you passed. Once you do, it may take you a few weeks before you get your license.

Once you have received your license, you are ready to obtain a job as a physical therapist after you celebrate. You may want to volunteer or get a part-time job in a therapist office to help get you to that main job you want. Once you do, you are well on your way to the career you have always wanted.