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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Nevada

If you’re looking to become a pharmacy technician in Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. Serving patients is one of the most admirable jobs one can strive towards. Pharmacy technicians help to improve their patients’ lives by dispensing the necessary medicine they need. This could just be a start, however, to becoming a healthcare professional if you’re looking to go higher in the world of medicine.


Being 18 or older and a high school graduate will get you past the starting point. In order to become a pharmacy technician you will need to become certified. It is a requirement by an industry organization, such as the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Technicians are expected to have high levels of skill in customer service, communication, and attention to detail. Dealing with people’s medicine on a daily basis means you have to be careful and understand what you are doing.


Healthcare training will be your first step to achieving a job as a pharmacy technician. Some courses can require as little as 10 months in total to complete. Even in that short period of time, you will be expected to learn many skills regarding medication and healthcare in that short time. Students will learn how to prepare insurance claim forms, count and pour medication, prepare said medication, and maintain medical records for patients. This is just the start of what you will be required to learn on your way to becoming a pharmacy tech.

Once you’ve become certified and have basic healthcare training, you can become a pharmacy technician. Further education is not required unless you feel you need it. If this job is a stepping stone, then further education may be required in order to advance in the healthcare field.


The average salary for a pharmacy technician in Nevada reaches 23,000 a year. However, the maximum average salary that can be achieved is 28,000. Considering the number of months of schooling required, the pay is rather well off. It could certainly be higher, but for an entry-level healthcare role, the yearly average pays quite nicely.


A pharmacy technician will be required to take care of multiple duties throughout the day. Technicians prepare prescription orders for incoming patients, verify information and dosage of such medicines, handle the pharmacy electronic system, process and submits insurance claims, and provides excellent customer services to patients on a daily basis. This may seem easy enough, but getting used to everyone can prove to be a curveball for some.

Most pharmacy technicians work in retail-type settings, such as neighborhood pharmacies and grocery stores. Positions are available in larger areas, such as hospitals and clinics as well. Depending on what type of position you are looking at could depend on your day to day tasks.


A pharmacy technician is not allowed to make a decision that requires judgement in regards to medicine or a prescription. Leave that to the doctors. Taking new prescriptions over the phone is also something a technician needs to avoid; it can have serious repercussions. And finally, this one seems easy enough, but do not hand out medicine unless it is specified on the chart of a patient. Giving unauthorized medicine is not only terms for being fired, but also illegal.

If you’re striving to become a pharmacy technician, following the steps laid out here is a great first starting point. Learn what you can now and find out where to become certified in your area. Learn your role and perform it well, if you’re looking to move higher in the healthcare field, this is a good starting point if you perform well. Serving patients is a commendable job and those who take it on are more than appreciated for their work.