How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Kentucky

Pharmacy technicians are an integral part of virtually any pharmacy or drug store. They help to dispense medications to customers, handle cash register transactions and perform various customer service duties. Although the job can be challenging at times, it is also a very rewarding profession that has plenty of opportunities for advancement. Anyone interested in becoming a pharmacy technician should have good organizational skills as well as the ability to practice compassion with customers who may not be feeling very well. Every state has its own regulations concerning the pharmacy technician career. Read on to find out what it takes to become a pharmacy technician in Kentucky.

Educational Requirements for Aspiring Pharmacy Technicians in Kentucky

All pharmacy technicians in Kentucky must at least have a high school diploma or a GED. Once that requirement has been fulfilled, the person can choose to enroll in a pharmacy technician training program offered by an accredited vocational school, college or university. These programs can last anywhere from a few months up to one year.

In some cases, an employer may offer on-the-job training for pharmacy technicians. People who choose to take this route usually only need to have a high school diploma or GED. They will learn and practice their skills in a hands-on environment as they perform the job under the guidance of a supervisor.

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Kentucky Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Pharmacy technicians who have completed an accredited course or have undergone on-the-job training may choose to become certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. The state of Kentucky does not require certification, but some employers may.

To become certified, pharmacy technicians must pass an exam given by the PTCB. They must also complete at least 20 hours of continuing education credits every two years in order to remain certified. A certified pharmacy technician is called a CPhT.

Although certification is optional, Kentucky does require that all pharmacy technicians register with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. In order to complete this registration, pharmacy technicians must submit an application along with a $25 fee. This registration must be renewed annually and the process can be completed online. Pharmacy technicians must display their registration document at their workplace and carry their registration card with them at all times while they are at work.

The Average Salary for Pharmacy Technicians in Kentucky

As with most jobs, the average salary for a pharmacy technician will depend on many factors. Some of these factors include location, experience, cost of living, demand, inflation, certification and education. According to the data found on, pharmacy technicians in Kentucky earn an average of $24,000 a year. This is 15 percent lower than the national average salary for a pharmacy technician.

As pharmacy technicians become more experienced over the years, their pay tends to increase. Some pharmacy techs may also obtain a higher salary by learning additional skills that will help them on the job. Many employers also offer higher salaries for pharmacy technicians who have become certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

There are approximately 7,000 registered pharmacy technicians in Kentucky and the state ranks among the top five in the nation when it comes to the availability of pharmacy technician jobs. Experts predict that the number of pharmacy technicians in Kentucky will go up by about 33 percent between now and the year 2020.

Expected Job Duties for Pharmacy Technicians in Kentucky

Pharmacy technicians can be found working in a multitude of locations, including drug stores, hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, malls and department stores. They must always remain under the supervision and instruction of a licensed pharmacist and are responsible for dispensing, measuring and labeling medications. They may also operate the cash register and answer general questions that customers may have. However, they are not legally allowed to provide customers with medical advice or information regarding side effects or dosage instructions.

Becoming a pharmacy technician in Kentucky is a great way to begin a career in the allied health field. There are plenty of ways to advance in this career and many pharmacy technicians go on to become pharmacists. This career will prove to be quite rewarding for those who have the patience and skills necessary for the job.