How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Arizona

When choosing a certain career path, it is important to also pick a state that is appealing to you. For those looking to become pharmacy technicians in Arizona, you can look forward to beautiful weather, amazing recreational activities, and nearly year-round sunshine. Because every state’s requirements are different, you also need to review what is required of you and how you can achieve certification so that you are able to work legally. Below you will find a handy guide that will answer all your questions, providing you with exactly what you need to know and what you can expect in terms of the entire process.

Pharmacy Technician Requirements in Arizona

The State of Arizona has pretty lax standards for those who are seeking a career as pharmacy technicians. For those that are looking to get into the field, you have an optional hands-on training process, which means that you will need to fill out the Trainee Technician Application. The requirements for beginning this process are proof of legal U.S. residency, high school diploma or GED, and paying a $46.00 fee. However, if you are already licensed in another state, you still need to fill out the application, but provide other documentation, such as proof of PCTB certification. Finally, for both stages, you are required to submit any misdemeanors or felony charges with the application. The trainee license is only for up to 2 years, a time period which allows you to take the exam at any time you wish. Should you opt to not go through the hands-on training process, you can choose to sit through the national pharmacy technician exam. Once you pass the exam, you can register with PTCB. Study materials for the exam can be online materials and study books.

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Prior Training/Education

Those that pursue the pharmacy technician career path in Arizona are not required to have any prior training or education, aside from a high school degree. However, for those that would like to have training and education, there are programs that you can take, such as the Pharmacy Technician Training Program through Arizona College. This provides you with the education that you need and hands-on training to successfully complete the exam. Programs also typically have a great deal of flexibility, offering classes during the day and in the evenings.


Regardless of whether you are a trainee, are taking a training course, or if you decide to do self-study, every pharmacy technician in the state of Arizona is required to go through the certification exam. The full pharmacy technician license requires that you take the exam, through the pharmacy technician certification board.

Certification Process

The process for certification is to complete the exam, which costs $129 dollars. Once you pass the exam, you must bring your results to the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy to gain license. If you are undergoing this process with a trainee license, your trainee license will be converted to a full license.

Continuing Education

In terms of continuing education, those that are have a pharmacy technician license must renew it every two years with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy through an application that can be found online.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arizona

The salary for a pharmacy technician in the state of Arizona can vary. At the trainee level you can expect a maximum of $10.00 an hour, with a minimum of $9. The annual wage for a fully licensed pharmacy technician is a max of $42,000 and a minimum of $32,000.

Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

The duty of a pharmacy technician in Arizona is to assist the pharmacist with the packaging and delivering of patient medications, and must always work under the supervision of the pharmacist. In addition, the pharmacy technician also provides clerical duties, reviews physician’s orders, preform drug inventories, and act as a liaison between the pharmacy and the physician’s office. Like most states, the pharmacy technician is not legally allowed to administer shots or work without the supervision of the pharmacist.