How To Become a Pharmacist

Pharmacy is one of the fields of science that requires people who are self-driven and have an interest in the field. Becoming a pharmacist comes with its own challenges. Therefore, before making a decision whether to join the field or not, there are factors that one should consider. Pharmacists are given the mandate of prescribing medicine to patients and advising them on how to use the medicine. There are steps that one should follow if he or she has the interest of becoming a pharmacist. These are the steps that one will need to take to join the field of pharmacy.

How To Become a Pharmacist

The first step is to graduate from high school. While in high school, one should pay a lot of attention to science subjects because this is a field that requires a lot of scientific knowledge. If one is able to perform well in physiology, chemistry, and biology, then they have high chances of joining the field of medicine in their future. A good general grade is also important because it will help secure a chance at the university for one to study pharmacy.

The next step is to get a bachelor’s degree. Once a student is through with high school, the next step is to look for a higher learning institution that offers courses in medicine. While looking for such colleges, it is important to seek the advice of the experts in the fields because they have been in the industry for a long period of time and therefore know the best colleges. One will have to go through a four-year course at the chosen college and later graduate with a bachelor’s degree in science. During this period when one is in college, it is also a requirement that they attend a school that offers pre-pharmacy training. This will help one to get the skills they need to become pharmacists.

The next step is to take a pharmacy test that will help one to join the pharmacy college. The test is meant to test the knowledge of an individual about the scientific field. Good performances will help one get the admission to the school of pharmacy. There are different schools and not all of them require one to take a test for them to join the school. One can always check the list of such schools before deciding on which one is the best for them.

It is after this course that one becomes a doctor of pharmacy. During this period of time, one will take a course like pharmacology with the help of medical professionals. The professionals who help one to learn such subject should be licensed individuals who have the knowledge about the field of pharmacy. Up to this point, one is already qualified to be a professional pharmacist and all that they need to start practicing is a license. All pharmacists in the United States of America must have a license to start offering services of pharmacy. To get the license, one will have to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). This is an examination meant to ensure that only qualified professionals get the opportunity to practice as pharmacists.

After getting a license the last step is to get a job. Pharmacists are professional who can work in a variety of settings. These include hospitals, health care agencies, government medical research centers and schools. Apart from the knowledge of pharmacy, it is also important that one should have good communication and managerial skills. This is because they will be dealing with clients and at the same time they will be managers. These steps will enable one to become a professional pharmacist with all the skills required for one to be qualified to work in the field.