How To Become a Model

A Career in Modeling

Modeling may appear glamorous but do not let the attractive allure fool you. Models are independent, motivated men and women who need to interact with others in a professional environment. Models work in various setting s including posing for artists and photographers. They may do runway work, commercials, or help market a product. Many times models have unpredictable schedules and varied work environments ranging from studio work to being outdoors in all weather conditions.

While no formal education is required, it would be a good idea to learn about the profession and network with other people in the field. A background in fashion or photography could be helpful, and a social, pleasant demeanor is necessary. There are schools specifically designed to train models and provide them with the information and tools they need to broach this field. As with any form of education is it crucial to keep your return on investment in mind. Schools cost money, and you are purchasing the information and contacts that the school can provide. It is very common to get caught up in the glamor associated with the field and lose sight of modeling as a viable career.

One of the first steps a model should take is to get a comp card. Comp cards are a marketing tool for a model to go on auditions (also known as “go-sees”) to audition for a part. This audition may be as simple as posing for a Polaroid head shot or as complex as reading lines for a commercial. Go-sees can be a waiting game, and the model should not take it personal if he or she is not selected for a specific role. The person or company running the audition has a specific look in mind. You may or may not be the look they need.

How To Become a Model

It is important to learn to pose. An Internet search will get you started with basic poses, but confidence and practice are important when you are behind a camera. The photographer is going to want you to move and explore new poses while they work the camera. Explore popular fashion magazines, and you will very rarely see a model just putting one hand on her hip. Usually, you will see an expression that markets the product the model is representing.

Most models have representation and many times it is a competitive process to be accepted by a booking agent. There are many resources available to find reputable booking agents. Booking agents are the people who will help find jobs for a model, and in turn, the model gives a percentage of his or her earnings to the agency. Booking agents will often help models with developing a portfolio of their work that can lead to future work.

Modeling can be fun and exciting. It can also be competitive and frustrating. Income can vary greatly, and working conditions are often unpredictable. Related occupations may include actors, cosmetologists, fashion designers and photographers. If modeling is a career you are considering take the time to formulate a plan, do research, and if you know someone in the business, start there by getting real world advice.