How to Become a Fitness Instructor

For many fitness connoisseurs, becoming a fitness instructor would be nothing less than a dream come true.  And the good news is that in today’s market you can not only get paid to work out, but you can also help hundreds of other people reach their fitness goals at the same time.

Fitness instructors lead and motivate group classes while also giving one-on-one advice to help individuals achieve better health and higher levels of fitness.

Step 1 – What Do You Want to Teach?

The first thing you need to do to become a fitness instructor is decide what you want to teach.  To do this, it would be advantageous to enroll in as many different exercise classes as you can to find out what you like.  Try your hand at various classes such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, and step aerobics.  By familiarizing yourself with different exercise classes, you will be able to broaden your experience with the many forms of exercise.  As well, you will be able to observe various techniques for motivating and instructing students.

Step 2 – Get Certified

Once you have identified what classes you would like to teach, you must become certified.  There are many organizations that provide non-degree certificate opportunities.  Some of them include the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, and The American Council on Exercise.  Usually certification requires that you do the coursework and take an exam.  Certification as a fitness instructor also usually requires that you be CPR certified.

One important note:  To be sure your certification is credible, consult the National Commission for Certifying Agencies for a list of accredited fitness instructor programs.

Step 3 – Get a Job

The fitness industry is booming so there are lots of part-time and full-time opportunities for fitness instructors.  The possibilities include becoming employed at health clubs, sports centers, gyms, community organizations, and self-defense centers.

If you enjoy working out and have a general knowledge of fitness-related topics then becoming a fitness instructor may be a good way to turn your passion into a paycheck.  And if the current upward trend in the health and fitness field continues as expected, fitness instructors can look forward to great career opportunities for many years to come.

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