How To Become a Financial Advisor

You may have loved dealing with money ever since you were younger or you may have found a way to help someone with money issues. Whatever your case may be, becoming a financial advisor will definitely be the career choice for you. There are a few steps to get from where you are at now to a financial advisor. You have to go to school, work or intern at an office, and get any certifications or licensing you may need.

There are many schools that offer classes online within this field. Depending on the schedule you are currently balancing, you may want to give that a try. You can also find schools in your area that will have degrees in this career field. You may want to major in accounting with a minor in business or you may find an alternative to get you where you need to be. You may want to start off with a bachelors degree because many companies may not hire you if you have less than that. By getting a bachelors degree, you will need to go to a four year school.

How To Become a Financial Advisor

Once you are in school and are taking the classes you need to complete the degree, you can work as an intern or work part time at a finance office. Try to find an office that will hire financial advisors. You may be able to get the first pick as long as you do great work. It is important to see if you like the field before you complete your college degree. If you do not get hired as a part time employee, do not sweat it because many companies will be pleased to have you on their staff as an intern. Even if you are working as an intern, you get on the job training. It will also be a great thing to put on your resume. If you do good work, you can also put your boss’ number on your reference page.

Next comes the licensing and certifications you will need after you graduate. The more certifications you have, the more employers will want to hire you. If you get a license and certifications plus an entry level job in a finance office, then you will land your dream job as a financial advisor.

These three steps are the main steps you will need to take to get your degree. By working and getting certifications, you will advance to the top of the employers list on who to hire for this outstanding position. It is also good to make sure you are going for the right degree that will land you this job after you graduate. You may want to speak with a counselor to see which program they would recommend for you to become a financial advisor. Once you have completed all three of these steps, you will be able to find a job in no time at all in the field you are looking for as a financial advisor.