How To Ask For a Raise – Five Effective Strategies

How To Ask For a Raise?

Asking for a raise doesn’t have to be something awkward to do. Employees could do this confidently if they think that are worth a higher salary. There’s nothing wrong about asking for a raise and there are correct ways to do that. Here are things we should do:

1. Choose proper timing:
In general, we could ask for a raise a few months before annual review, because that’s when companies decide their new annual budget. Another good time to ask for a raise is when the company ask us to take on extra responsibilities that don’t really fall under our original job description.

2. Be more organized:
Employees should have their facts and figures completely in order, so they can explain properly why they deserve a raise. As an example, they can make a list of their previous achievements, with proper statistics to back up their arguments, such as 15 percent increase in sales as a results of A, B and C. They could also argue how they have saved the company’s bottom line by doing a number of things.

3. Do enough research:
Employees should find out how much other employees with similar position in the same industry are making. They could use this data as a part of their arguments.

How To Ask For a Raisepay

4. Consider other alternatives:
In many cases, employers just can’t meet the amount of raise requested. This could be a good time to negotiate for other benefits. For example, employees could ask for the ability to work at home at least one day a week to save money on commuting and other costs. If employees can’t get an amount they want, they could ask what it would take for them to deserve a raise. This allows them to have a clear definition on how they could get a raise.

5. Be diplomatic and polite:
Employees shouldn’t threaten to leave and get angry if they fail to get the raise. It’s a bad idea to burn any bridge, because they could still get a raise in the future.

It’s an obvious fact that we won’t get things we want if we never ask for them. So, it is a good idea to ask for what we think we are worth. Asking for a decent raise could actually show our employer that we are being committed to the company and willing to contribute a lot more.