Get Credits for College Before You Start

Getting into college is competitive, so having an advantage over other applicants is the key to being accepted. One of the ways you can look competitive to admissions officers is to have obtained credits before entering college. There are a few ways you can achieve this and I’ll touch on them in this article.

How AP Credits Work

College Board, a company specializing in the administration of standardize testing, offers a program called AP (Advanced Placement). It allows students to take college-level courses during their high-school years and receive college credit, if they score high enough on the exam and if the college they apply to accepts AP credits. Some colleges do accept AP scores and award college credits, but do not allow advancement into higher level courses. For example, The University of Phoenix will accept credits for AP Psychology, but will still require you to pass an exam administered by their administration before allowing you to take a second semester course.

Finding AP Credit Resources

If your school offers AP Classes, you’ll be given the resources to prepare for the exam. Usually, you’ll register for the AP Class at your school’s roster office or with the help of a counselor. Upon the start of your class, you’ll receive textbooks and other materials needed to pass. Other students may not be so lucky and may have to study independently for exams if they’re homeschooled or their school doesn’t offer the AP courses they’d like to take. Resources can be found on the College Board’s website, by visiting the site and clicking on the AP link at the top of the page. There, you’ll find the information you need, such as, which AP exams are offered and where testing centers are located near you. If you cannot afford to pay for AP study guides, you can usually find them at the local library.

AP courses can give you an advantage in being accepted to the college of your choice because it shows that you can handle college level work. That’s an attractive trait for colleges. Colleges want to admit students who can complete courses and graduate on time. If you take AP courses, you’re essentially telling colleges that you’re college material and can be counted on to bring great things to their student population.