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Wills vs. Trusts — Which One Is Apt For Your Estate Plan?

Wills vs. Trusts

Are you looking to prepare an estate plan? You might envisage implementing a Last Will and Testament for serving as a basis for your plan. A Will might be served as a foundation for the comprehensive estate plan, but, it isn’t the single option you are left with. A trust, …

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As US Secret Service Requirements Stiffen, Salary Goes Up

secret service requirements

Secret Service Requirements… If you’re interested in a unique law enforcement career that will allow you to interact with dignitaries and high-ranking government officials, the United States Secret Service might be right for you. US Secret Service jobs involve more than just providing security, meaning that there are ample opportunities …

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Freedom of Speech: Know Your Rights

Freedom of Speech: Know Your Rights Freedom of Speech was for the powerful and the wealthy during the days of colonial America. It was not until the Bill of Rights was implemented in 1789 that the Freedom of Speech became a protected right for all citizens of the United States …

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Is it Legal: Snowden Vs. The State, NSA Scandal

Friday 27, December, 2013 11:25 PM EST 7 months ago Edward Snowden, then 29, told his supervisor at the National Security Agency in Kunia, Hawaii, that he needed a couple of weeks off to receive medical treatment for his diagnosed epilepsy.  Within 24 hours of that conversation Snowden touched down in …

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree?

how long does it take to get an associates degree

How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree Is A Great Question… Getting an Associates degree is a big decision and a great step for many people. One of the first questions that needs to be answered when entertaining the idea of getting an Associates degree is: how …

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Paralegal Certification NYC: How Much And How Long?

paralegal certification nyc

 Paralegal Certification NYC… The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 22,000 paralegals working in the state of New York, and many of them are employed in New York City. Paralegals here are not required to meet any certain educational or licensing requirements in order to work …

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Unique Way To Define Paralegal Education Requirements By Job Type

define paralegal education requirements

Paralegal Education Requirements To become a paralegal, there may be some certain paralegal education requirements placed upon the applicant. In order to define paralegal education requirements, we need to first define which type of paralegal position is desired. Certain types of paralegals need certain types of education; at least certain …

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Bankruptcy Paralegal: Services, Job Description, and Training

bankruptcy paralegal

Bankruptcy Paralegal: Services, Job Description, and Training A bankruptcy paralegal provides assistance to attorneys and interacts with clients who seek protection under the bankruptcy laws from debtors. Bankruptcy paralegal services can range from client intake to drafting pleadings. Most bankruptcy attorneys prefer hiring paralegals with a college degree. Should the …

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