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Top Crime Scene Investigator Salary By Region

crime scene investigator salary

Crime Scene Investigator Salary… In order to ensure long-term success as a crime scene investigator, it’s helpful to have an understanding how the job market operates in different regions of the country. Some of the best states for being employed as a criminal scene investigator include New Jersey, Delaware, California, …

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud

Forensic Accounting and Forensic Fraud The term forensic means “suitable for use in court” or “relating to the courts and legal matters” – therefore the work of a Forensic Accountant is vital and specialized. Forensic Accountants are employed in accounting firms and high profile agencies and they fill a variety …

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“I See Dead People”: Forensic Pathology Brought to Life”

forensic pathology

Gentlemen, you are about to enter the most important and fascinating sphere of police work: the world of forensic science, where untold victims of many homicides will reach back from the grave and point back a finger accusingly at their assailant. Dr. R. Quincy  I See Dead People: Forensic Pathology …

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Forensic Science | What is Forensic Science?

What is Forensic Science?

What Is Forensic Science And Where Did It Come From? Forensic Science has boomed since television shows such as CSI and NCIS have been on the air.  Attorneys call this the “CSI effect.”  Now juries expect to see some type of forensic science during trials because without it, a prosecutor …

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Forensic Toxicologist Salary Numbers That May Shock You

toxicologist salary

Toxicologist salary is quite high for a technical science position… It’s no secret that careers in science often pay more than careers in the humanities, even with a similar amount of training. However, some of these science careers are simply shocking for their high salaries. Toxicology is one of those …

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What Is A Forensic Scientist?

What is a Forensic Scientist? Along with new capabilities in forensic equipment, the input of forensic scientists is becoming a bigger part of trials and investigations in the country. Forensic scientists are in demand, and they hold one of the most interesting careers in the law enforcement sector. A forensic …

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Forensic Pathology | Forensic Pathologist Salary & Job Outlook

Forensic pathology has been discussed as an emerging career path in today’s job market. This leaves many people wondering what the salary and future outlook for the position will be. Forensic Pathologist Salary The median forensic pathologist salary is around $51,000. However, the range for these workers varies dramatically. The …

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Forensic Anthropology: If Bones Could Talk

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology And John Wayne Gacy… Little did Chicago residents know that between 1972-1978, businessman, community leader and the neighborhood clown at birthday parties was in fact a serial killer. John Wayne Gacy was said to have assaulted and murdered at least 33 boys before he was finally convicted. Out …

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Forensic Odontology Brought To The Forefront By One Famous Bite

forensic odontology

Forensic Odontology Brought To The Forefront By One Famous Bite Ted Bundy is one of the most prolific serial killers in history.  His killing spree started in Washington and along the west coast then through Colorado and the mountains.  He escaped from jail and made his way to Florida where …

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Forensic Nursing Programs

forensic nursing programs

Forensic Nursing Programs… People interested in becoming a forensic nurse by enrolling in a forensic nursing programs will benefit by understanding the differences between online courses and learning on campus. As expected, there are positives and negatives attached to both choices. Understanding the statistics and trends surrounding the forensic nursing …

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