Forensic Psychology Salary: Where Is The Money?

Forensic Psychology Salary…

Anyone that is interested in becoming a forensic psychologist should understand the contributing factors that shape the salary of these professionals. The forensic psychologist salary typically varies with the nature and location of the work.

Averages and medians only go so far with regards to the forensic psychology salary. This profession is specialized, the salary is more so dictated on a case by case basis. That being said, there is certainly value in aspiring students reviewing some of the existing trends in this field in order to get a better sense of its trajectory. A big factor in salary is schooling… both the type of degree and whether it is from an accredited or well-respected university.

The average starting forensic psychologist salary for a forensic psychologist is estimated to range from $53,000 to $59,000. Depending on the location, and the nature of the work, starting salaries for these professionals can often range anywhere from $45,000 to $83,000 annually.

The degree earned will also affect the size of forensic psychology salary one is able to earn. Hours vary between a standard nine to five week, working on call or even going away on assignments. Some forensic psychologists choose to be self-employed, often spending some time appearing witness in trials. Others works in labs, police stations, law firms, prisons and the alike.

Forensic psychologists that find work with the state or federal governments typically earn more in the range of $78,000 to $86,000 annually. Like most any career, the more training, degrees and certification accumulated, the opportunities there will be for earning a higher salary.

An extensive commitment to education and science must be upheld in order to have a high level of long-term success in this field. Some forensic psychologists may earn as little as $35,000 annually, while the top earners can earn over $103,000 each year. Experienced forensic psychologist with over a decade of experience usually earn over $80,000 annually.

The federal government is actually one of the top employers for forensic psychologists. The executive branch of the U.S government currently has over 5,000 specialized psychologists on staff. One of the most prominent federal employers of forensic psychologists is the FBI.

As many are aware, forensic psychologists working with the FBI is a popular concept that has been glamorized in the media and entertainment industry during the first decade of this third millennium. The forensic psychology salary working for FBI usually ranges from $35,000 to $82,000 per year.

The best places to earn an upper-tier forensic psychologist salary are generally cities with higher costs of living. Some of the ideal locations for employment opportunities include L.A, D.C and New York. Other major metropolitan areas that have lower costs of living in conjunction with significant opportunities available include Memphis, Atlanta and Detroit.

The state that may pay the highest forensic psychologist salary is Arizona, professionals there earn over $100,000 per year on average.

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