Flex Jobs- Top 5 Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Students

Are you a student? Are you desperate to make some extra cash without being tied down to a boring job with fixed hours? These are the top five flexible part-time jobs for students looking for work that fits around their studying.

1. Dog Walker
Dog walking is an ideal part-time job if you are a student who loves animals. There are always dog owners who need someone to walk their pet during the day. Join a dog walking agency or advertise your own dog walking business. Purchase insurance in case something happens while you are in care of a dog.

2. Babysitter
Babysitting is one of the most flexible and easiest part-time jobs for a student. If you are friendly, you love children and don’t mind giving up some of your time babysitting might be for you. You might even be able to catch up on some studying at the same time if you babysit in the evening or at night. Advertise your services as a babysitter in your local area.

3. Cake Seller
Earning extra cash from selling homemade cakes and other sweet treats is perfect if you are a student who loves baking. Sell your homemade cakes, cookies and other sweet treats at car boot sales and markets. Research the foods that sell well at particular events to maximize your profit.

Flex Jobs
4. Delivering Leaflets
Delivering leaflets in your local area is a flexible and easy job for students looking for a part-time job. Many companies require people to deliver their leaflets, catalogues and other promotional material door to door. Increase your income by delivering leaflets from different companies at the same time.

5. Reviewer
Becoming a reviewer is a very flexible part-time job that requires small effort. Register with an agency and earn money by filling in questionnaires and reviewing the quality of service of the places you are told to visit and secretly monitor. Reviewing music, films and other entertainment online is a fun way to express your opinion and earn some extra cash.

These part-time jobs are ideal for students who need a job with flexible hours. It is possible to find a job that earns you some extra cash while fitting perfectly around your current studying.