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Five Reasons We Have Stagnated Careers

Tired of your stagnated job? Then there could be a few mistakes we do. In this case, we should try to get out of the rut and spring-clean our career. The following steps could help us jumpstart our stagnant career:

1. We can’t differentiate job and role:
Stagnations could happen because we fail to deliver things as expected. We may not be fit for other roles, other than what we have today. People who stagnate may fail to distinguish a job and a role. In essence, a role is related to specific expectations, while a job is related to activities. People who want to have a strong career should perceive themselves of having an important role. It means, they try to meet expectations.

2. We don’t have a mentor:
In this case, we need help to function better in certain role. In fact, we could start afresh only with specific encouragement. Having a trusty mentor by our side may help us organize ourselves and unclutter. The person should have the ability provide advices on challenges that we are facing. In this case, it is important for us to find a mentor. They should be someone with proper experience and at least a few levels higher than us. For our mid- or long-term growth, a reliable mentor is a must.

Stagnated Careers

3. We don’t communicate with our managers:
Employees who seek a better career should have a frank discussion with their managers. In fact, we could feel better with ourselves if we have frank discussions with our managers. A good communication with them could ensure better growth opportunities. We could inform them if we need a change of assignments and responsibilities to get us back on track. We should look for internal opportunities if we want to jumpstart our career. As an example, we could ask whether there are internal opportunities to advance our careers.

4. We don’t improve our skills:
There are educational programs that can help us hone our strategic skills. Some niche skills could also help us make fresh starts. Many good companies run specific programs for different roles and functions. Companies are typically more interested in employees who can prove themselves through proper skills.

5. We don’t set up networks:
In any industry, networking and socializing can help us gain clarity on things that we should do next. Peers could push us to keep going and superiors could guide us to the next promising opportunities.