How to Take College Courses for Free

If you think college costs too much, but you still want to take a class or two or even enroll in a course that is currently full at your college, this is the post for you. I will show you an easy way to get credits for college courses for …

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Earn Credits by Taking Exams, Not Classes

College tuition is rising each year causing a rise in students finding more and more ways to save money on tuition. Some work during their years at school and others only take as much financial aid as needed so they don’t have a huge bill at graduation time. Another way …

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How Long Is Law School And What Is It Like?

how long is law school

How Long Is Law School And What Is It Like… The first question most students interested in attending law school ask is, “How long is law school?” Although it is a simple question at first glance, the answer to how long is law school is not as easy to answer …

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Becoming A Lawyer Less Popular, LSAT Numbers Drop

lsat test takers

Becoming A Lawyer Less Popular, LSAT Numbers Drop The number of LSAT takes is down 45% since 2009. It’s down 11% over last year. The bottom line is: people are not thinking becoming a lawyer or about law school in 2013. This could be a combination of things, however the …

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Forensic Nursing Programs

forensic nursing programs

Forensic Nursing Programs… People interested in becoming a forensic nurse by enrolling in a forensic nursing programs will benefit by understanding the differences between online courses and learning on campus. As expected, there are positives and negatives attached to both choices. Understanding the statistics and trends surrounding the forensic nursing …

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Forensic Science Colleges, Careers, And Salary Information

Forensic Science Colleges… Students interested in becoming crime scene technicians will benefit by reviewing the pros and cons of attending each of the different forensic science colleges in the U.S. All of the forensic science colleges share several principles but the individual benefits at each institution make them each unique …

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Court Reporting Schools: What Is Takes To Be a Court Reporter Or Stenographer

Court Reporting Schools… Court reporters can either work for the court system or perform freelance work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for court reporters is expected to increase by 14% by the year 2020, with a large amount of growth due to captioning for the Internet. The …

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US Marshal Requirements: Quick And Interesting Facts

US Marshal Requirements… The US Marshals Service is the oldest arm of law enforcement in the United States. These agents are responsible for protecting US federal courts, their officers, and buildings, and also serve federal arrest warrants and provide prisoner transportation when needed. According to U.S. Marshals Government website, there …

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Colleges With Criminal Justice Majors: 3 Steps To Choose The Right One

colleges with criminal justice majors

Colleges With Criminal Justice Majors… For a list, in your local area and online, of colleges with criminal justice majors, click here. Choosing the right college is very important. It is the foundation of your career… the pillars of education that will hold up your ability to be employed, and …

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree?

how long does it take to get an associates degree

How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree Is A Great Question… Getting an Associates degree is a big decision and a great step for many people. One of the first questions that needs to be answered when entertaining the idea of getting an Associates degree is: how …

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