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Displaying Your Qualifications and Interpersonal Skills In Your Nursing Resume

When you apply for a job as a nurse, you need to understand that you’re not being judged on who you are but on whether or not you meet the specific criteria set forth for the job. In most cases, this means that your qualifications and interpersonal skills are the primary criteria.

Every resume should have the basics. So your full name, address, phone number, and email address need to be on your nursing resume. All of your qualifications should be included, so your educational background and any licenses you have to practice should be listed. Any special or recognized academic achievements should be mentioned as well.

Nursing ResumeBut you need to show more than just the basic facts. You should make it clear what career trajectory you’re trying to take in a way that fits in with the position being offered. Your cover letter, skills inventory, and job descriptions give you some opportunity to do this.

Your list of employers and your job titles with each of these employers should also be included. Your description of the job should basically be of how your nursing skills were utilized to help the employer reach its goals. Typically this will be such information as handling patient evaluations, keeping charts, and any specialized units you worked in. Make sure you include any experience directing other individuals or managing any company programs. You want to show that you’re a team player and a professional who knows your job and does it, while also taking some time to help everyone else on the team. So if you also worked to help with insurance billing or government health programs, include that.

When you summarize your skills inventory, you can give a quick overview saying something like, “I have enjoyed gaining experience in a variety of areas and feel comfortable taking on new challenges, in addition to putting to use my current experience in pediatric, ICU, and ER nursing. I feel equally comfortable working in a variety of environments and specialties, also having experience in home care, hospice, and private office work.”