Discover What it Means to Work as a Nurse Entrepreneur

When it comes to nurses, many people think of them as medical professionals who are employed by hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices. But some nurses choose a different path…self-employment.

What is a Nurse Entrepreneur?

Nurse entrepreneurs are registered nurses who work for themselves. They still have to follow state guidelines, but these nurses can basically choose to see patients when they want and where they want. Though some decide not to work with patients at all. Popular career choices for nurse entrepreneurs include:

Author – People are always looking for books on medical topics that have accurate information. Nurses who like to write can make great authors for such books.

Legal Nurse Consultant – These nurses have interesting careers helping judges, juries, prosecutors, and attorneys understand medical topics. They also investigate cases to look for fraud and testify as expert witnesses.

Life Care Planner – Nurse entrepreneurs who work as life care planners help clients with planning for a future disability or providing resources such as hospice, assisted living, or nursing home. They also help clients by explaining medical terminology and deciding if they should seek a second opinion.

Nurse Entrepreneur

Private Duty Nurse – These nurses take care of patients of all ages in a medical environment or in patients’ homes. If they work in a home setting, their duties include monitoring a patient’s medical status and cooking meals.

Nurse Navigators – Those who work as nurse navigators are responsible for teaching patients about treatments, how their medical coverage works, communicating with all healthcare workers who are treating their clients, and helping physicians maintain hospital protocols.

Mother-Baby Nurse – Nurse entrepreneurs who work as mother-baby nurses help with basic newborn care such as how to properly hold a baby, how to bathe the baby and change diapers, and assisting mothers with breastfeeding.

Basic Life Support Instructor – Those who work as a BLS instructors teach healthcare professionals CPR and other emergency response skills so they can earn certification.


How to Become a Nurse Entrepreneur 

Nurse entrepreneurs must be registered nurses which requires a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Courses are likely to include:

Adult Nursing Care – Students learn nursing interventions to care for adults who have an illness or injury. Addressed are acute and chronic conditions along with the proper care for adults before, during, and after surgery.

Professional Nursing Skills – This course gives an expansive overview of the nursing profession. Discussions include ethical and legal considerations in regards to patient care and the role of nursing in illness prevention and management.

Community Nursing – This course centers on disease and illness prevention and management in families, groups, individuals, and communities that are at risk.

Nursing Across Cultures – Students learn skills for providing sensitive care while understanding and respecting patients’ social, cultural, or religious attitudes toward health and wellness.

Nursing Intervention for Women and Families – This course focuses on family centered care, and students learn how to provide supportive intervention care to women, children, and families.

Leadership and Management Skills for Nurses – This is strictly a lecture-based course that teaches students how they can demonstrate leadership within the workplace and how to motivate colleagues.

In addition to nursing classes, it is recommended for those who wish to run their own business to take courses in accounting, business, finance, and management.


Nurse entrepreneurs need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) in order to work as a nurse.


According to, the average salary for nurse entrepreneurs is $51,000. However, the number can vary significantly based on location and industry.

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