Dental Assistant

A Look at Some of the Most Common Dental Assistant Duties

Dental Assistant Duties

More people than ever these days are recognizing the link between oral and overall health. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for dental assistants will grow by more than 25 percent by the year 2022 because of this trend. Before considering this career, it’s important to know what …

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Learn About Dental Assistant Certification

dental assistant certification

A dental assistant is known as a dentist’s second pair of hands. This is because they help provide quality oral healthcare by assisting during treatment and procedures. Job Duties Dental assistants work under a dentist’s supervision and perform a wide array of clinical and administrative duties based on employer, training, and …

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Things to Consider when Comparing Dental Assistant Programs

Although no formal education is needed to become a dental assistant, graduating from the right training program is still the best way to start your career. Not all dental assistant programs will adequately prepare you for your future career, which is why it is important to choose wisely. Here are …

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Putting Together a Dental Assistant Resume: Finding Proper Structure So You Stand Out

dental assistant resume

How your dental assistant resume gets structured plays a major part in how you’re perceived by prospective dental employers hiring dental assistants. Despite this job being very much in demand, you want certain aspects of your resume to stand out so you’re picked above the dozens of others just like …

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The Dental Assistant Job Description and Responsibilities

dental assistant job description

Oral health is a basic human requirement that will never go away. People of all ages and backgrounds will always require dental care. Unlike in previous decades, oral health is now a higher priority among the population because of the link between oral health and overall general health. This means …

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What Does a Dental Assistant Do? Clearing Up Misconceptions on Job Duties

what does a dental assistant do

Dentistry will never stop being an in-demand career as long as the world’s population keeps their teeth (which is likely for time immemorial). As you ponder careers in dentistry yourself, perhaps you’ve heard of dental assistants, yet still ask the mystery question: what does a dental assistant do? Many people …

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What is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant?

expanded functions dental assistant

Expanded functions dental assistants play an important role in a dental practice, performing duties such as administrative work and patient care. What is the Job Called in Your State? Believe it or not, there are several different names for expanded dental assistants, and the title depends on where you live. For …

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How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Washington DC

Health Care Ultrasound Technicians Within the health care sector are multiple career opportunities in the field of radiology. Radiologists are primarily responsible for diagnostic testing involving work with doctors and nurses and direct patient contact. The special training and education necessary for work as an ultrasound technician take lots of …

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How to Become an Ultrasound Technician in Wyoming

Sonography equipment relies on reflected sound waves to create images of internal structures. It is the responsibility of ultrasound technicians, diagnostic medical sonographers or sonographers to use the devices to create the required images that assist physicians or other healthcare providers in formulating a diagnosis and course of treatment. Depending …

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