Dental Assistant Jobs

Tasks of a Dental Assistant And Technical Skills

Tasks of a Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is an extension of a professional dentist. There are different types of dental assistants. The more common types of dental assistants are: A Basic Dental Assistant: This job title covers the girth of most dental assistant positions. These types of positions will typically require a student in a …

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Your Dental Assistant Resume Objectives: Proving Your Knowledge and Philosophy

dental assistant resume objective

Creating a dental assistant resume objective isn’t always easy since you’re basically stating a personal philosophy about what you’d do in the job if hired. However, an objective is still essential because it shows personal drive for success as a dental assistant. Since dental assistants are usually just a stepping …

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What is a Dental Assistant’s Pay?

Dental Assistant's Pay

Dental assisting is one of the fastest growing health occupations in the United States. If it is a career you are considering, read on to learn about the job duties and the wages you can earn. Job Duties Most dental assistants work for dental practices, though some find employment with federal …

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Dental Assistant Jobs: Learn About the Two Main Career Options

Dental Assistant Jobs

If you are considering working as a dental assistant, you may be wondering if there are different career options to choose from in this career. The answer is yes. Continue reading to learn about dental assistants who perform basic assisting as well as those who will be able to complete …

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What is the Salary for a Dental Assistant – and Which State Pays the Best?

dental assistant’s salary

You may be under the impression that every worker behind the scrubs in the dentist’s office is a dentist or a dental hygienist. While some are, the other professionals assisting with running the office and performing some aspects of patient care are actually dental assistants. If you are interested in knowing …

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Dental Assistant Interview Questions: What You Might Be Asked, and How to Answer

Dental Assistant Interview Questions

Dental assistant interview questions might sound like they’d be overly cut and dry if you haven’t done such an interview before. However, because dental assistants do more varied tasks than you possibly ever knew, the questions you’re typically asked are sometimes quite complex. Being on your toes with answers is …

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How Much Does a Dental Assistant Make and other FAQ Answered

How Much Does a Dental Assistant Make

If you’re considering a career as a dental assistant, you probably have lots of questions about the profession. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions people have about dental assisting careers. How much does a dental assistant make? That will depend on your location and …

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Learn about a Dental Assistant’s Salary and More

Salary of Dental Assistants

Dental assistants are valuable members of a dental practice because they help dentists provide quality oral healthcare. Duties Assistants perform many duties, though they vary based on employer, training, and state regulations. They include: Clinical tasks – These tasks can include removing sutures, assisting the dentist chairside during examinations and procedures, …

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A Look at Some of the Most Common Dental Assistant Duties

Dental Assistant Duties

More people than ever these days are recognizing the link between oral and overall health. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for dental assistants will grow by more than 25 percent by the year 2022 because of this trend. Before considering this career, it’s important to know what …

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Putting Together a Dental Assistant Resume: Finding Proper Structure So You Stand Out

dental assistant resume

How your dental assistant resume gets structured plays a major part in how you’re perceived by prospective dental employers hiring dental assistants. Despite this job being very much in demand, you want certain aspects of your resume to stand out so you’re picked above the dozens of others just like …

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