Dental Assistant

Interested in Becoming a Dental Assistant? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Tasks of a Dental Assistant

A dental assistant plays an important role in a dental practice. They assist the dentist, keep patients calm during procedures, and handle office tasks. Duties Dental assistants perform a wide array of clinical and administrative duties. Clinical (back office) – These tasks can vary day-to-day depending on the patients’ needs, and …

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Tasks of a Dental Assistant And Technical Skills

Tasks of a Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is an extension of a professional dentist. There are different types of dental assistants. The more common types of dental assistants are: A Basic Dental Assistant: This job title covers the girth of most dental assistant positions. These types of positions will typically require a student in a …

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Learn How to Become a Dental Assistant

How to Become a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are important members of dental practices because they are responsible for a variety of duties that help both dentists and administrative staff. Job Duties Responsibilities will differ a bit based on state guidelines as well as the size of the practice. Administrative tasks – When assistants are not helping …

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Your Dental Assistant Resume Objectives: Proving Your Knowledge and Philosophy

dental assistant resume objective

Creating a dental assistant resume objective isn’t always easy since you’re basically stating a personal philosophy about what you’d do in the job if hired. However, an objective is still essential because it shows personal drive for success as a dental assistant. Since dental assistants are usually just a stepping …

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What is a Certified Dental Assistant?

certified dental assistant

A certified dental assistant is a credentialed professional whose main responsibility is helping a dentist treat patients. Job Duties During the course of a day certified dental assistants perform many tasks including preparing patients for their treatment, sterilizing dental equipment, collecting patients’ dental and medical information, taking x-rays, and educating patients …

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What is a Dental Assistant’s Pay?

Dental Assistant's Pay

Dental assisting is one of the fastest growing health occupations in the United States. If it is a career you are considering, read on to learn about the job duties and the wages you can earn. Job Duties Most dental assistants work for dental practices, though some find employment with federal …

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All You Need to Know About Dental Assistant Schools

dental assistant schools

If you would like to become a dental assistant, you might be wondering what type of dental assisting schools you should look into. But before we get into that, let’s first go over a dental assistant’s duties so you know what to expect when working in this field. Clinical – These duties …

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Taking Dental Assistant Classes: What Are the Typical Subjects You’ll Learn?

dental assistant classes

When you take dental assistant classes, you aren’t stuck in a university for two to four years as you are studying other dental careers. Gaining education for a dental assistant only requires a short amount of education time, even though you’ll learn varying disciplines due to the variety of work …

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Dental Assistant Jobs: Learn About the Two Main Career Options

Dental Assistant Jobs

If you are considering working as a dental assistant, you may be wondering if there are different career options to choose from in this career. The answer is yes. Continue reading to learn about dental assistants who perform basic assisting as well as those who will be able to complete …

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What is the Salary for a Dental Assistant – and Which State Pays the Best?

dental assistant’s salary

You may be under the impression that every worker behind the scrubs in the dentist’s office is a dentist or a dental hygienist. While some are, the other professionals assisting with running the office and performing some aspects of patient care are actually dental assistants. If you are interested in knowing …

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