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Nursing Programs in Delaware

Nursing Jobs in Delaware (Outlook)

Even though Delaware is the 2nd smallest state in the entire U.S., there are plenty of nursing opportunities that are available especially those whom are Hispanic or bilingual.  Registered nurses are among the top 20 professions in the entire state and there is still lots of room for growth due to nursing shortages in Delaware.

Choose 1 of the 5 nursing schools in Delaware below today to begin your journey as a nurse.

Quick Delaware Nursing Facts

  • Over 10,000+ job opportunities for nurses in Delaware
  • Just under 10 nursing schools available in the state
  • Shortage of nursing instructors
  • Great opportunities for bilingual nurses who speak spanish
  • Currently only 1% of Delaware nurses are Hispanic

Top Nursing Schools in Delaware


Delaware Nursing Statistics

Approximate Number of Registered Nurses: 10,510
Hourly Average Wage: $34.64
Yearly Average Wage: $72,060

Approximate Number of LPN/LVN: 2,230
Hourly Average Wage: $22,78
Yearly Average Wage: $47,390

Top Nursing Employers in Delaware

  1. Christiana Hospital
  2. Kent General Hospital
  3. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital
  4. Saint Francis Hospital
  5. Milford Memorial Hospital

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