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Criminal Justice – Restoring the Community

Knitting together a fractured criminal justice system There is quite a bit about reforming the criminal justice system in the news these days and much of it focuses on the overcrowded jails and harsh punishment for non-violent crimes as well as targeted groups of people. One reason a person desires …

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Top Criminal Justice Schools: How To Find The Best…

top criminal justice schools

Criminal Justice Schools… Criminal justice schools can help you prepare for an exciting career in law enforcement. When choosing the right school, there are a number of things to consider if you are to make the most of this educational opportunity. Reputation is Key The most important factor when choosing …

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Fingerprint Analyst: A Career that Leaves a Print

Fingerprint Analyst: A Career that Leaves a Print Opportunity is substantial in the field of criminal justice as it houses a plethora of interesting career options. Of the many unique criminal justice jobs, a fingerprint analyst is a well sought after position in the forensic science industry. Fingerprint analysts examine, …

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Top Crime Scene Investigator Salary By Region

crime scene investigator salary

Crime Scene Investigator Salary… In order to ensure long-term success as a crime scene investigator, it’s helpful to have an understanding how the job market operates in different regions of the country. Some of the best states for being employed as a criminal scene investigator include New Jersey, Delaware, California, …

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Law Enforcement Careers – Choose The Right One

Law Enforcement

Is A Law Enforcement Degree Right For You? Law enforcement degrees have become an increasingly popular choice for those interested in criminal justice and the chance of having a fulfilling and rewarding, lifelong career. As society becomes more technologically advanced, the need for a more sophisticated law enforcement system has …

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Good Job Outlook In Criminology Careers For College Graduates

Types Of Lawyers

Good Job Outlook In Criminology Careers For College Graduates Individuals seeking careers in criminology possess a strong desire to serve the public in the realm of crime prevention, investigation or law enforcement. Police officers, highway patrol officers and corrections officers are commonplace in society, where they work to protect the …

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From Boots to Badges: What Is Takes T Be a Parole Officer Today

The “Father of Parole”: John Augustus     If you are embarking on an exciting career as a Parole Officer, it might interest you to know; the very first Parole/Probation officer was the owner of a successful boot-making business in Boston, Massachusetts. One brisk morning in 1841, John Augustus went to the …

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Forensic Toxicologist Salary Numbers That May Shock You

toxicologist salary

Toxicologist salary is quite high for a technical science position… It’s no secret that careers in science often pay more than careers in the humanities, even with a similar amount of training. However, some of these science careers are simply shocking for their high salaries. Toxicology is one of those …

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What Factors Dictate An FBI Agent Salary?

What Determines an FBI Agent Salary Although the salary is not usually what draws people to work in the FBI, an FBI agent salary can be quite generous. A few factors affect the exact amount that an FBI agent receives, so potential employees have plenty of options for gaining a higher …

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Forensic Pathology | Forensic Pathologist Salary & Job Outlook

Forensic pathology has been discussed as an emerging career path in today’s job market. This leaves many people wondering what the salary and future outlook for the position will be. Forensic Pathologist Salary The median forensic pathologist salary is around $51,000. However, the range for these workers varies dramatically. The …

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