A CIA Salary Can Be Great For Certain Jobs

CIA Salary Great For Certain Jobs…

When people think of working for the CIA, they tend to think of people that investigate threats to our nation. There are actually a number of other positions available within the CIA, ranging from architecture to medical services.

A CIA salary is based upon the exact position, years of experience, and geographic area in which one works, among other things.

Application Process

Those who would like to work for the Central Intelligence Agency can view open positions by visiting the agency’s website. Here, positions are listed by category, and instructions on how to apply are also given. The exact requirements will vary; however, a few things that are required in order to obtain employment with the CIA include:

• Submitting to a medical and psychological exam
• Polygraph testing
• U.S. citizenship
• Extensive criminal background investigation
• Drug screening

Most positions will also require at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, along with two years of related work experience. Beginning CIA salary is usually negotiable, and is considered to be commensurate with experience.

To become a CIA special agent, applicants will need at least three years of experienced in performing criminal investigations. This experience should be “focused on complex matters”, and the individual should also have an excellent track record at performing these investigations. Special preference is given to those who have previously completed the Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

How to Apply

Individuals who are interested in CIA positions must apply online by creating an account. Up to four jobs may be added to an applicant’s job cart, and then be completed. Certain information will be needed for a CIA application, including work history, education, certifications and licenses and data concerning military experience.

A personnel evaluation form will also need to be completed in addition to the application. This form asks questions about a number of things such as criminal convictions, drug use, security clearances and delinquent federal debt.

CIA Salary and Benefits

[easychart type=”horizbar” height=”100″ title=”CIA Salaries By Position” groupnames=”Low Salary, High Salary” groupcolors=”005599,229944″ valuenames=”HR Analyst, Litigation Attorney, Polygraph Exam, Security Professional” group1values=”89033,68712,53350,51630″ group2values=”115742,136771,115742,115742″]

CIA agent salary can be anywhere from $74,872 and $136,771 per year. Some other positions and their associated pay levels are:

• Human Resources Analyst-$89,033 to $115,742
• Civil Litigation Attorney-$68,712 to $136,771
• Polygraph Examiner-$53,350 to $115,742
• Information Assurance Security Professional-$51,630 to $115,742

Many positions within the CIA require a five-year commitment upon being hired. Those who remain with this agency over the long haul can expect to receive an excellent retirement package that also includes health benefits.

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