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Travel Nursing: Become a Travel Nurse

Working as a hospital nurse certainly has its own advantages but like most other jobs, it can get tiresome or boring over time. If you have been a hospital nurse for years and are now longing for a career change — perhaps something more adventurous or less stressful — one …

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How To Become A Veterinarian

If you love animals, you might have the passion and desire to become a veterinarian.  The profession is dedicated to the well-being of animals whether they be family pets or livestock.  However, the path to becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is challenging and competitive.  It typically takes a …

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Jobs That Are no Longer in Demand

With so many aging baby boomers, the demand for trained professionals in the medicine field has been growing rapidly in recent years. However, many of the in-demand technical degrees for high-paying technical jobs are no longer resulting in employment. Recent high school graduates as well as older workers have turned …

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Social Media Careers for New Grads

Staring down your graduate date, it can seem like time is running out. People keep asking you what you’ll do now, and picking a career is usually something you aren’t ready for after just a few years of education. The career you’re choosing doesn’t have to be a lifelong passion, …

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How to Make Extra Cash or a Second Income

The current state of the global economy has made it very difficult for people to pay the bills. If your expenditure exceeds your income, you need to make some extra money to address this imbalance. You are certainly not alone, and the competition to find work has rarely been greater. …

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Google Careers – What is it Like Applying for a Job at Google?

As disappointing as the employment figures are now each quarter, there are certain pockets of the economy that remain upbeat, Google being one of them. While the rest of the high-tech industry seems to suffer in this economy (Yahoo! continues to announce cuts to its workforce), Google has been on …

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Career Options That Will Be Winners in the Future

How To Ask For a Raise

Career Options to Bank on for the Future The employment rate may see improvement each month now (by about 0.2% in December 2012, for instance). Many young people who are all set to make a choice are nervous about finding themselves in a recession-prone career. They hope to spot career …

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7 Top High Paying Entry-Level Jobs

The goal of every college graduate is to make it in a career they enjoy. The trick is to find one of the high paying entry-level jobs you were promised you’d find with your degree. Of course, this is harder than it sounds. Simply finding the right job is a …

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The Top Jobs of 2014

As the economy remains relatively weak, finding a job can be difficult. There are, however, certain fields that will have job openings for qualified workers during the next year. Read on to learn about the top ten jobs for 2014. Medical Assistants As physicians and other medical practitioners are faced …

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