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Career Aptitude Test – Aptitude Tests for Hiring Success

Career Aptitude TestHiring the right people the first time around is critical to running a business efficiently. The use of aptitude testing to pre-screen applicants has long been standard practice in many employment fields. Aptitude tests work to effectively reduce the applicant pool to a more manageable size and they also save the company time and money by screening out applicants that might not be the best fit for the job.

Types of Aptitude Tests
There are many types of aptitude tests that can be administered. The type of test largely depends on the job being offered.
• Personality tests. These tests are often useful when determining if an applicant is a good match for the company that they will potentially be working for. Personality tests measure important human elements like emotional stability, conscientiousness, and willingness to learn.

• Skills tests. These are usually specific tests that measure a person’s ability to perform certain functions that are necessary for a particular job. Skills tests often test for things like typing speed, proficiency at entering data, and the ability to navigate relevant software.

• Ability tests. These tests measure an individual’s general cognitive capability, as well as their ability to reason, make decisions, and think logically.

Advantages of Aptitude Tests
The fact that there are over five thousand aptitude tests available to give a potential employee suggests that there are many advantages to administering such tests. Indeed, one of the main reasons that businesses continue to make use of aptitude tests is that they improve the efficiency of hiring and promoting. Hiring professionals find that aptitude tests offer a more detailed profile of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses than interviewing alone. In addition, an aptitude test can reveal to the applicant what types of skills that will be required to perform the job. From both perspectives, aptitude tests can help fit the right people to the right job.
Although aptitude tests can be a useful tool for determining employee success, they can also be costly and time-consuming to administer. For best results, always keep aptitude tests up-to-date and relevant to the job you are screening for.