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How To Change Careers?

how to change careers

Simple Career Change Strategies It is not unusual in modern society to take try out different careers. It is now estimated that the average individual will try out seven different careers over the course of life. So you’re not unusual or alone if you want to make a career change …

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Five Reasons We Have Stagnated Careers

Stagnated Careers

Tired of your stagnated job? Then there could be a few mistakes we do. In this case, we should try to get out of the rut and spring-clean our career. The following steps could help us jumpstart our stagnant career: 1. We can’t differentiate job and role: Stagnations could happen …

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Flex Jobs- Top 5 Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Students

Flex Jobs

Are you a student? Are you desperate to make some extra cash without being tied down to a boring job with fixed hours? These are the top five flexible part-time jobs for students looking for work that fits around their studying. 1. Dog Walker Dog walking is an ideal part-time …

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Coming Back To Work After Being A Stay At Home Mom

Re-entering the workforce after being a stay at home mom can be daunting for any woman. Many feel out of touch and wonder how their in-home experience will translate to an office setting. Even more mothers fear being judged by recruiters and employers for their decision to stay at home. …

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A Student’s Guide to Career Success

Opportunities abound in the workplace if you have the proper skills and mindset. Even in a down economy you can advance and shine in your career if you allow yourself to be flexible, have a good attitude and are willing to learn from your experiences. First you should start your …

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How to Succeed in a Career Test

Prospective employees undergo close scrutiny, especially when it comes to well-known, international companies. A career test that includes various types of questions, ranging from general knowledge and aptitude to psychological screening, is often administered to determine which candidate best qualifies for the position offered. While these questions may seem trivial, …

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How to impress your new boss

When you start working for a new boss, it’s a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Your new manager has no idea what you are capable of, so it’s the perfect time for you to prove yourself. It’s never too early to start building a positive new relationship, so …

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How to prepare for your annual appraisal

Although your annual appraisal may feel like a chore, it’s actually a very important part of your career plan.  The outcome of this process can influence the bonus you receive, your salary for the next year, and whether you get the chance for further development opportunities. It’s therefore vital that …

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The Benefits Of Temporary Jobs

For many people Temporary jobs have been seen as a last choice as far as employment is concerned. There are drawbacks to temporary employment, the main one being the lack of security but there are also many advantages to this type of work. For an increasing number of people temporary jobs …

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