Auto Mechanic

How to Become an Auto Mechanic

Seek Out Higher Education Plenty of community colleges now offer classes in auto repair. Repairmen of the past usually stuck with learning through someone they knew, such as a relative. People have begun to recognize the importance of learning the intricacies of auto repair through higher educational circuits. While it is important to have some …

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how to become an auto mechanic

Auto Mechanic Training: What Kind of Training is Required to Become a Mechanic?

What Kind of Training is Required to Become a Mechanic? If you’re looking to start a career as an auto mechanic, you’ll want to be thorough with your research so that you have a full understanding of the auto mechanic training that’s required to do so. With jobs such as this that necessitate a substantial …

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auto mechanic training

Mechanic Job Outlook

The increase in the fleets of vehicles (cars, trucks, and buses) is creating a growing need for mechanics. Advances in technology require that mechanics have superior skills. As these trends are expected to continue, the number of mechanics and repairers of motor vehicles, trucks and buses is expected to increase significantly over the next few …

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Mechanic Job Outlook

Mechanic Job Description

Choosing your career is something that should be done carefully with plenty of planning. You need to understand requirements to be employed in the field, whether that is by obtaining a degree in a local college mechanic program or by completing a trade school program that grants you certification when you’ve completed the book and …

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Mechanic Job Description

Auto Mechanic Salary

The salary for the position of automotive repair mechanic varies greatly not only according to age and experience but also according to sector or location. At the beginning of his career, the mechanic can start with a pay of $15/hr. The level of demand has increased. Ten years ago, customers were looking for quality technicians …

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Auto Mechanic Salary

How Much Do Mechanics Make?

On average, automotive maintenance and repair technicians earn between $45,000 and $61,000 per year, in addition to benefits. Mechanics usually have an hourly wage, but some highly skilled mechanics have a guaranteed minimum weekly wage. With an automotive mechanic’s salary, no need to tighten your belt. What is better than a job that allows you …

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How Much Do Mechanics Make

Mechanic Work Environment

The car mechanic works in different types of companies: small traditional garages, repair centers, car dealerships, administrations, companies with their own fleet of vehicles, car rental agencies, road transport companies or public transport companies. He works alone or in a team in a workshop, often in strenuous physical positions to access the various parts of …

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Mechanic Work Environment