Are Your References Hurting You?

It can be very difficult being on a job search.  Looking for jobs that fit the requirements that you’re looking for in combination with the stress of having to go to an interview can make looking for a job a daunting task.  But have you ever thought of your references?  Your references can be a make or break factor of you getting a job.  So are your references helping you or hurting you?

You need to think long and hard about cool your use of the reference when you complete a job application.  You need to make sure that you are putting people down on your application that are going to give you good references and not a bad one.  So how can you avoid disaster when it comes to your job search?

You should always ask permission if you are using someone as a reference.  If they decline this is a good sign that they would not give you a good reference if you have used them.  And when you do get someone that agrees to be a reference for you it would hurt asking what kind of reference they would give you when asked.

Another thing you can do to avoid disaster with your job search is use references that have endorsed you previously.  You want to be able to pick that people will have introduced you to others that can help you get a job or have recommended resources that you can use in your job search.  By doing this these people are indicating that they support your job search.

It is very important that you seriously consider the people that you use as a reference in your job search.  You want to carefully so that those that are supportive of your job search and those that will give you a good reference when a potential employer calls them.  So when you are getting ready to start a job search be sure you pick only the very best people to give you references so that you are sure you’re not setting yourself up for a job search disaster.