Are You Ready for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam?

If you have chosen certified medical assistant for a profession, you are in for an exciting career. Each day is unique with different patients presenting with different problems.  But before you can put on your scrubs and work in a hospital, nursing home, or private practice, you must first pass the Certified Medical Assistant Exam.

In order to take the exam, you must meet the following criteria for one of these categories:

Category 1 (Completing Student or Recent Graduate of Either a CAAHEP or ABHES Accredited Medical Assisting Program) – If you are within thirty days of completing courses and practicum, you may take the exam. Recent graduates are those who apply to take the exam within one year of graduation.

Category 2 (Non-recent Graduate of a CAAHEP or ABHES Accredited Program) – If you do not pass the exam within 60 months of graduation, you will no longer be allowed to take it.

Category 3 (CMA Re-certification) – This is for those who have already passed the CMA Certification Exam and just need to re-certify their credentials.  Certification is good for 60 months.

Denial for Eligibility

  • Applicant does not meet required criteria
  • The applicant has been found guilty or pleaded guilty to a felony
  • The applicant had a professional license revoked or suspended by a regulatory certification board.

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It is necessary that every medical assistant understands anatomy and physiology and medical terminology. Before taking the exam it is best to try a few practice exams. Not only will they help you study, but they can make the day of the exam less stressful since you already have an idea of what to expect.

certified medical assistant exam

Here are the types of questions you may see on the practice test or the Certified Medical Assistant Exam:

1. If the foot is abducted, which direction is it moved?

2. The anatomic location of the spinal canal is?

3. A patient has a fracture in which the radius is bent, but not displaced, and no broken skin. What is this type of fracture is known as?

4. Which bone is superior to the patella and inferior to the ischium?

5. If a medical assistant needs to fill out a request form for an x-ray of the patient’s fibula, which structure will the procedure be preformed on?

6. The point at which an impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another is called the?

7. Where is carotid pulse located?

8. Blood flows from the right ventricle of the heart into the?

9. Where is the senatorial node located?

10. Oxygenated blood is carried to the heart by the?

11. The thoracic cage is a structural unit important for?

12. When you compare exhaled air to inhaled air, it contains more?

13. In the lungs, gas exchange occurs in tiny one-celled air sacs called?

14. Bile enters the gastrointestinal tract at the?

15. Stereotyping when providing patient care may result in?

16. Saliva contains an enzyme that acts upon?

17. In men, specimens for gonococcal cultures are most commonly obtained from?

18. Male hormones are produced by?

19. What is the master gland of the endocrine system?

20. Patients that suffer from which disease are treated with vitamin B-12 injections?

21. What does corpus mean?

22. The term lithiasis means?

23. Adipose is made of?

24. The prefix meaning outside or outer is?

25. The notation “subq” indicates an area between?

26. OS is the standard abbreviation for?

27. “K” is the symbol for?

28. Colporrhaphy is the repair of?

29. On which body part is a pyloromyotomy performed?

30. Korotkoff sounds are evaluated when?

31. When the curves of the spine are balanced, the patient is said to have?

32. When taking a radial pulse, you must?

33. How do you keep an elderly patient safe when admitting them to a unit?

If you have any questions regarding the practice test or the exam, please contact us.

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