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Are Dental Hygienist Jobs Impossible To Find In This Economy?

Dental hygienists are an integral part of the dental industry. They can be used in wide array of dental clinics, and they remain to be among some of the most important roles for helping out other dentists. In the office, the hygienist and nd the dentist work together to bring out the best smile out of their clients. Dental hygienists do all kinds of things for patients and for making them feel more comfortable.

What do dental hygienists do?

They can play all kinds of roles in the office for dentists and also for patients. They take quick patient screening procedures to help assess basic oral health while asking for basic health history. Oral screenings and other inspections are done to help the dentist find out what patients are mainly in need of. Hygienists help complete x-rays and help apply fluorides, sealants, and other preventive materials needed for teeth.

What is the career outlook for this industry?

There are still countless dentists in this world who are just beginning to open up their practices, and they are always looking for a way to get help from a nice hygienist. Opportunities are always opening up in this dental world for this career. Not only that, but the chance to get your degree in another field of dentistry try becomes a lot easier. The reason behind this is that you have already studied and done a lot of work to become a hygienist, and eventually you can study and maybe become an orthodontist, a dentist, or any dental professional.

Are Dental Hygienist Jobs Impossible To Find In This Economy?

The simple truth is that it is not impossible. It may take some time before an opening in your area opens up, but this just depends on the need for this position in your location. Many current hygienists have explained before back in August of 2010 through a national survey of the impact this economy has had on people in this industry.

The common problem found from most people who took the survey was the number of dental hygiene schools out there with little work available. It is one thing to get trained and graduate from a good school, but missing out on good job opportunities because of a lack of dentists in the area can be a burden. Since there are so a many schools with new graduates every year, the problem of dealing with other hundreds of applicants for a single opening makes it so hard to land the job. It could take a single new graduate six months to get a job in this market, and because of all the new graduates, even the older hygienists struggle.

The location plays a huge part. In Tucson, 30 office practices closed down, and then 100 closed down in just a few years in Phoenix. So many desirable locations are losing out on job opportunities for hygienists simply because the economy is forcing plenty of practices to close down.

Since the job market is scarce, a dental hygiene program professional has explained that with the 10-15 students they have graduate every single year, almost every one of them leaves the state to find potential work.

Landing a Job As A Dental Hygienist

The key is to move out of your small town, city, or state, and to get work elsewhere after you have graduated. You are probably in the middle of your life right thinking if you should get into this industry or not. The decision can be tough, especially because of all the people who are currently in this market. The best thing to remember is that free work and gaining trust is better than not working at all, so don’t be afraid to intern for a local dentist even if it means not receiving anything. Hygienists are very in demand in the sense that they are very much needed in the dental office, but you need to find these opportunities.

Become an intern, and know that you can grow and land a job from that internship very easily down the road. Don’t forget that networking online and even looking for work outside of your local area is very worth it to find a job in this market. Dentists need hygienists, and the key is tot submit your resume to as many companies as possible.

To answer this question, no, it is not impossible. It is, however, going to be a long ride of finding, submitting, and doing it all over again every time. The economy is still rapidly growing, and it won’t stay down and hard forever. Openings will open up again, dental practices will start up, and you can always submit to another dentist if the first one doesn’t work out. If you’re deciding if this career is for you, it is a worthwhile career to have, but you need to be prepared for the tough layout on finding a full-time job.