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A Career in Education and Nursing as a School Nurse

If you’re struggling to figure out if you should seek a career in education or nursing, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to choose one. You could combine them to become a school nurse.

What Is a School Nurse?

A school nurse works with children of all ages. He or she can work in an elementary, middle, or high school providing basic medical care to students and teachers. Whenever someone doesn’t feel well, becomes injured, or requires medication during school hours, the school nurse will tend to his or her needs.

School Nurse Salary

The salary of school nurse jobs vary across the United States. The average is $43,753 per year, reported by Absolutely Healthcare’s Salary Wizard. Some school nurses make as much as $55,000 a year in some places though.

School Nurse Job Description

A school nurse is responsible for:

  • Ensuring students receive the immunization required by the school
  • Implementing programs that prepare students, teachers, and staff for disasters and emergencies
  • Providing care to students with chronic illnesses
  • Teaching students and staff about health

A school nurse is an important figure in an educational setting because students and teachers depend on the nurse to provide them with the care, comfort, and education they need to do their best in school. To ensure a nurse working in a school has the knowledge and skills needed, he or she must seek nursing education and experience.

School Nurse Salary

How to Become a School Nurse

Every state has its own requirements to become a school nurse. The information provided here is general, and there may be specific requirements in addition to the ones here that you’ll need to do before you can become a school nurse. Check with your local National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to find out more.

One commonality that school nurses have is that they are RNs or APRNs. Once they are nurses, they can pursue a certification in nursing.

School Nurse Certification

To become certified as a school nurse, you will need to complete the requirements outlined by the National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN). These requirements are:

  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse
  • Have a minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical practice in the past three years
  • Filed the Application for the Certification Examination for School Nurses
  • Pay the examination fee

The NBCSN recommends that those that sit for the exam have about 4,000 hours of school nursing experience. This experience may not be by working on your own in a school as a nurse, but you’ll be working along side the nurse that is already working there as an apprentice.

Will You Become a School Nurse?

After reading this information, will you pursue a career as a school nurse? All you’ll need to do is seek your bachelor’s degree in nursing, and then become a registered nurse. From there, you’ll need to gain experience in nursing. While it may take some time to get through it all, it will be all worth it when you start working at an area school providing children the care they need, so they can be as healthy as possible to learn all they can to have a successful future.